Instructions for use Bioxyn

Bioxyn - features and general information on the product

Type of instrument:

a dietary supplement for weight loss

The form of release:



30 pcs/pack 1.




excess weight, obesity

It is not a drug. Research and clinical tests on human volunteers have confirmed the lack of the onset of side effects, allergic reactions, collection of adverse effects on the body. Also was installed the same effectiveness between women and men in the age range between 21 ° and 55 years.

The capsules Bioxyn completely natural ingredients of plant origin. Permission for the use of vegetarians and vegans.

Active ingredients: extract of prickly pear, saffron, ginger, green tea, orange.

The kit includes detailed instructions information on the product, the manufacturer, how to use capsules correctly. It is important to know the correct application - a pledge to achieve a positive result.

Please note! Against the background of high demand cases of sale of counterfeit products. Be careful. Buy capsules original Bioxyn in Bulgaria it is possible only through the official website. To make an order to leave the site online, specifying your name and phone number in special for this form. The manager of the company will contact you within a short time, if necessary, will provide a free consultation, will inform the duration and conditions of delivery.

Slim figure for a month - how to use Bioxyn, dosage

how to use weight loss capsules Bioxyn

Take capsules so familiar. Wash the normal drinking water. Service dosage varies from two to three capsules. Admission to the course - from two weeks to six months. It depends on how many pounds need to get rid of.

Less than A 5 kg - one capsule in the morning and evening for 10-14 days

Less 10-15 kg - two capsules per day for two-three weeks

Less than 20-25 kg - two capsules per day, one to two months

When you want to lose weight more than 25 kg, the rate of intake of the capsules Bioxyn it is necessary to extend three-to six-months (until you reach the desired result), and the daily dosage of increase up to three capsules. Take one capsule before meals.

Dietary supplement Bioxyn slimming contraindications:

In spite of the safe composition, the weight loss with the help of capsule is not recommended to persons under 18 years, women and men with cardiovascular disease, with signs or a diagnosis of anorexia. And also - in the case of diseases of the liver, ulcers of the stomach and in various other serious forms of chronic disease or of a temporary nature.